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Golf Cart Insurance in Florida - Who Should Have It?

Is Golf Cart Insurance Required in Florida?

If you have a golf cart, if you know someone with a golf cart, or if you are considering the purchase of a golf cart, you need to read this before making a big mistake on your insurance.

Golf Carts are not generally covered on a standard Homeowners policy. So, if you are looking to purchase (or already have) a golf cart, you really need to consider some options and make sure to add the right coverage for your situation. There are two primary situations with golf carts, and they are treated completely different in Florida from an insurance standpoint:

  • If your golf cart is modified and registered with the FL DMV (considered a LSV, Low Speed Vehicle), you can stop here, as you no longer have a golf cart from an insurance standpoint, as Florida Law now classifies your golf cart (LSV) as a regular automobile. In this case, you must have full auto insurance (including Personal Injury Protection), which is effectively like insuring a regular vehicle. Not having the correct coverage leaves you unprotected, but it also risks your driver’s license, as you are technically driving a registered vehicle without the property coverage (this can result in a suspended driver’s license).
  • If your golf cart is not registered with the FL DMV, you should be able to cover your Golf Cart with a simple endorsement to your home insurance or a stand-alone Golf Cart insurance policy. The cost of both options is relatively small (usually between $70-$150 per year), but I’d strongly suggest the stand-alone policy. The reason for this suggestion is simple: If you have to make a claim for a golf cart accident, theft, etc., you’re much better off by making this claim on a golf cart policy rather than on your home insurance policy (the last thing you want to do in Florida is make unnecessary claims on your Home Insurance that could have been handled elsewhere).

Regardless of which option you choose, having seen a few situations where a golf cart owner didn’t have a special endorsement or policy, we simply thought it was important to cover this topic to help you avoid finding out the hard way as well.

If you have a golf cart or are considering one, just contact our office, and we’ll be happy to talk through the options and provide a quote for golf cart insurance so you can have peace of mind for your new ride.

Joel Meek

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