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Does Your Company Have Proper Insurance Coverage To Do Business?

Running a business is hard enough as it is – delivering quality products or services to customers, making payroll, paying for various things to keep things moving forward such as office space, office expenses, taxes and insurances.

Often times business owners are busy just keeping the ship moving forward that they don’t make time to find ways to cut costs.  That’s where we come in!

We absolutely love not only helping our clients save money on their commercial insurance, but getting them the right coverages to protect them from potential claims that could cost them thousands, possibly everything, which could ultimately put them out of business altogether.


What Kind of Auto Insurance Do You Need for Proper Coverage?

General Liability

Do you perform a service in your job, such as construction, home or business service, etc. Liability coverage provides protection for things such as Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Medical Expenses, etc., and is a core for any business. Without it, you as the business owner will be left paying for all of the costs on your own.

If you have a commercial space that you rent or own (outside of your home), General Liability should be part of your Business Owners Policy (see below).

Workers Compensation

Accidents happen, and it’s definitely not good when they occur while on the job. Whether you’re the owner or have a business with employees, you should have Workers Compensation to ensure expenses from accidents on the job don’t bankrupt your business. Workers Compensation rates are set by the state, but this still requires the agent to understand your business properly to classify it correctly to ensure you have valid coverage if a claim occurs.

Commercial Auto

Whether a single vehicle or a large fleet, having the right coverage and ensuring the drivers and usage are always current is key. But, there is also another growing area that has received much less attention in the Commercial Auto world, as it is rarely discussed (don’t ask, don’t tell seems to be the idea in this realm): Food and Product delivery. Working as a Shipt or Instacart delivery person, you need to consider a Commercial Policy. So, whether you are a business with commercial vehicles, or someone earning extra money delivering groceries or products, we help ensure you have the right coverage so that you don’t hear “Sorry, you’re not covered” if a claim occurs.

Business Owners Policy

If you have a business space outside of your home, whether you are renting or owning the space, a Business Owners Policy (also called a BOP) is vital. Protecting the items in that space (furniture, computers, signage, personal property, buildout) as well as having liability, medical payments, lost income protection, and a host of other optional coverages, a BOP is one of the best values for a business with a retail, commercial, or industrial space.

Commercial Residential

HOA’s, Condo Associations, Apartment buildings, or even Landlords with a portfolio of properties need the right Commercial Residential policies in place (property, liability, etc.).

Professional Liability

As professionals, we strive to ensure we always be accurate and do what is right for our customers and clients. But every once in a while something can go wrong. Professional Liability is important for those making professional decisions for clients (E&O, Malpractice, etc.).

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There’s no need to settle for one option for insurance coverage through one company when our team at Meek Insurance Group can provide you with a wide range of options from several top-rated companies. Connect with us today to explore the options that provide the right level of coverage at a price that fits your budget.

We love to save our clients money in their business. Our built-in annual review process will help you to maximize your insurance spend each year. Connect with us via e-mail or call our office at 813-677-1121 today for a quote.

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