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If you are seeking homeowners insurance for your home or condo in the South Shore area, turn to Meek Insurance Group to get the best choice of policies from top-rated insurance companies.

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As an Independent Agent, we present you with the best Insurance Options for your coverage needs.

When it comes to homeowners insurance, it’s important to have freedom of choice and a variety of options from which to choose. As a local, independent insurance agency, Meek Insurance Group can connect you with the best options available in the home and condo insurance marketplace, so you can select the policy that’s right for your coverage needs and budget.

You wouldn’t shop at a grocery store that only offers one product, and we believe you shouldn’t have to settle when it comes to insurance either. Rather than offering policies from only one insurance company, we work diligently to search through an expansive network of companies so we can secure the ideal coverage for your unique situation.

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Key Benefits of Choosing Us for Your Home and Condo Coverage

Right Coverage

Secure the right coverage for your situation. Many homeowners have less coverage than what they need if disaster strikes, but we won’t let that happen.

Creative Savings

Find the lesser-known ways to save money on premiums, such as the wind mitigation inspection.

Maximize Inspections

Learn what the standard inspections may be missing and get tips to make the most of the inspection process, both inside and outside of the home.

Education Our Clients

Know all of the details about your top insurance options, so you have 100% clarity on the policy that’s right for you.

Focus On Satisfaction

Get a friendly, personalized insurance agency experience; our knowledgeable agents go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

Annual Reviews

Every year we proactively look for savings for our clients.  It’s what we would want from an insurance company – so, that’s why we do it.

Accurate and Fast

Obtain an accurate quote for home or condo insurance right away.

Hassle Free Process

Get the policy in place immediately through a hassle-free process; we make it fast and easy to establish coverage when you need it.

What Are You Missing in Your Homeowners Insurance?

Often, we find our clients don’t fully understand what their homeowners insurance covers. Our team at Meek Insurance Group is dedicated to educating our clients on what they currently have and the options available to provide better coverage for their home or condo while achieving unexpected cost savings.

  • Do you have the right policy to cover your property even if you are on vacation, keeping items in storage, or out running errands?
  • Will your homeowners insurance allow you to replace damaged items with new items, or will it only offer enough value to get garage sale items?

We ask all kinds of questions like those listed above as we walk you through the options to meet your specific coverage needs and budget goals. We leave no stone unturned to ensure you have proper homeowner’s coverage.

Take Advantage of the Right Inspections to Save Money

While some insurance companies offer only the minimal inspections necessary, at Meek Insurance Group, we understand the value of the wind mitigation inspection. Wind damages homes each year during storms and high wind events. A wind mitigation inspection can enable you to reduce the cost of your homeowner’s policy. In some cases, this inspection can minimize premiums by as much as forty percent.

Few insurance agencies help their clients to understand the positive impact this inspection can have, but we make it a priority to inform each of our clients about the cost benefits it provides. For homeowners with homes built prior to 2002, the benefits are even greater. In fact, without the wind mitigation inspection, you may miss out on big discounts on your insurance policy. Often, people pay hundreds to thousands of dollars too much, because no one told them they needed this inspection.

We take all of the extra steps to ensure you are saving as much as you can on insurance for your home or condo. Is your home 30 years or older? We will let you know you need a four-point inspection. Our mission statement, “Your Protection Is Our Passion,” reveals the foundation of our insurance agency, and we make it a focal point of every interaction we have with our clients.

Our Annual Reviews Mean You Get the Best Coverage for the Best Price

Perhaps in the past, you have experienced an agency selling you a policy for home or condo insurance, and then you didn’t hear from them again. At Meek Insurance Group, we take an entirely different, personalized approach. We are in the business to help you get the highest value from your policy.

Your agent will contact you each year to confirm any changes in your life and then shop around for the right coverage to help you get the best rate possible. Our Meek Insurance Group clients have achieved a combined savings of nearly $1,000,000, and we are ready to make you another one of our cost-saving, satisfied clients.

Our Annual Review Process Includes...

  • Review your coverage needs
  • Look for opportunities to save.  Ex: New Roof
  • Shop Hundreds of Insurance Carriers
  • Notify you of your options
  • You decide what to do.  (hint: most clients choose to pay less for the same or better coverage)

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