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What is umbrella insurance, and do you need it? Find out why this type of affordable insurance is important to protect your assets and income.

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Insurance Coverage For When All Your Other Policy Limits Run Out

For many individuals, umbrella insurance seems like an unnecessary coverage. For others, they aren’t really sure what it is.

The truth is umbrella insurance can be a tremendous benefit to anyone who needs protection of their assets and income in the case of a lawsuit. It also includes legal defense, which can be a drain on funds during a stressful and financially-taxing time.

At Meek Insurance Group, we see time and time again how surprised our clients are to learn umbrella insurance is an inexpensive yet invaluable policy. It offers an extra layer of protection if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist. Umbrella insurance goes beyond traditional auto insurance in that it can provide you with the necessary funds to live, especially if injuries prevent you from going back to work.


Umbrella Insurance: The Affordable Coverage with Big Benefits

For as little as $250 per year, Meek Insurance Group can help you to get as much as a million dollars in coverage through an umbrella policy. We believe in this proactive approach to insurance and strive to inform all of our clients, so they fully understand the unique benefits umbrella coverage offers.

Our agents go over all of the details of the coverage with you and ask many questions, much like a doctor might, so we can match your situation with the ideal level of coverage. The type of coverage that’s right for you depends on the finer details, including lifestyle, health, mobility, and income. We consider ourselves “insurance doctors,” prescribing the solution you need most.

When Your Liability Insurance Isn’t Enough

While some individuals think they shouldn’t need umbrella coverage if they have liability coverage built-in to their auto or homeowners insurance, this is an incorrect assumption. Liability policies have limits in place to minimize your premium costs, but these limits leave you at risk for financial loss if claims exceed your policy’s limit. That means you have to pay out of pocket, which can cause unnecessary financial hardship. The right umbrella insurance will fill in the gap existing between your limits and claims and offer the extra protection you need to stay afloat financially — no need to drain your savings or sacrifice your lifestyle.

Our knowledgeable Meek Insurance Group agents can help you to wade through the various options available for umbrella insurance to find the right policy to fit your budget and protect your livelihood.

Why Choose Meek Insurance Group for Your Umbrella Insurance

  • Our friendly agents will ask all the right questions to ensure you have the best coverage for your unique situation.
  • Learn all of the details about your top umbrella insurance options, so you can eliminate confusion and have 100% clarity on the policy that’s right for you.
  • Get a friendly, personalized insurance agency experience; our knowledgeable agents go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Obtain an accurate quote for umbrella insurance right away.
  • Get your desired umbrella policy set up immediately through a hassle-free process; we make it fast and easy to begin coverage when you need it.

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